Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Diamond As Big As Our Dreams


I played hooky today.  I went to Chestnut Hill with Marianne and had lunch on the front porch of the Chestnut Grill.  Then I went to Big Blue Marble and browsed through the books with no specific intentions at all.  Nothing I wanted to buy for research.  Nothing I had to read to keep up with the field.  I just bought something for pleasure.

So, all in all, it was a day well and pleasantly wasted.

Okay, yes, I did take the experiment that physicist John Cramer kindly provided me and fit it into what I believe is now the absolute final draft of "The Woman Who Shook the World Tree."  But that was fun, so it hardly counts.

And speaking of the poetry of science . . .

If you haven't heard this already, you really need to know about it.  Scientists have discovered a new planet.  Made entirely out of diamond.  F. Scott Fitzgerald's fantasy ain't even in the running.

Check it out here.

Above: What a pleasant place and way/Where and how to waste one's day!


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