Friday, September 23, 2011

I Just Can't Stay at Home!


Today I get up early and drive down to Baltimore not because it'll promote Dancing With Bears -- the window for promoting a hardcover is either three or four months; which is to say it's closed.  Not because it'll support SFWA -- it's a non-profit dues-fueled professsional organization and doesn't need the support.  Not  to support Catherine Asaro -- she's running herself ragged organizing this thing, and so far as I can tell there's nothing in it for her.  (But if there were something in it for her, I'd be there.  She's one of the good guys.)  And not even to support Baltimore -- which is one of the great underrated cities in this nation. 

No.  I'm doing it to support literature.  Which includes all the books you read for pleasure, whether the nobs like 'em or not.

Third only to human beings and nature, there is no better cause.

And speaking of the photo above . . .

You know you've got a problem if these things look like a good idea to you.

Above:  I saw these gas mask bongs hanging in the doorway of a head shop in the Village.  Bad judgment is timeless.


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Frank Böhmert said...

Ouch. Didn't know John Ruskin was writing about bongs, too.

"There's nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse ..."