Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pwnded By the Future

Don't get me wrong.  I think the world of Corning Glass.  Those guys are really rocking the material.  Some forty years ago, I took the tour of their headquarters in Corning, New York, and was blown away by all the amazing things they can do with glass.  And, obviously, their research people have been working full-tilt boogie ever since.

But . . .

Imagine a world where you're never out of reach.  Where your boss can communicate with you while you're in the bathroom, brushing your teeth.  Where your mother-in-law can track your parenting skills in real time.  Where advertising videos show you primping like a whore.  Where television screens turn on the instant you awake and are never out of your sight for a single moment in your waking hours.  Where all the universe is trivialized and made your sedative.

Sounds like today, you say?  Not yet.

But soon.

Above: A Day Made of Glass. Coming soon to a reality near you.


1 comment:

Lindsay Harris Friel said...

That's awesome, I just wonder if anyone will ever be able to afford it.