Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dragonstairs Press is Off and Running!


Dragonstairs Press (owned and operated by Marianne Porter) is now offering its first publications for sale.  At the moment, five items are available for purchase:  Four of them are the mini-chapbook adventures of Darger & Surplus which were published in a limited edition of100 signed-and-numbered copies each, most of which I gave away as promotions for my novel Dancing With Bears over the past four months.  There's also the chapbook reprint of A Midwinter's Tale, issued in an edition of approximately fifty, most of which were sent to friends as Christmas cards.

Part of Dragonstairs' business plan is to start small and very limited, so I don't think the remaining copies will last long.

But Marianne has bigger plans on the horizon!  Working with talented local artist Adam Cusack, she's currently putting together Sam the Asteroid:  One Swell Children's Story.   The working blurb for which is:

Black Humor For Small Children!

I wrote this story for my son Sean over a quarter-century ago and read it to him while he was sitting on my knee.  At the end, he laughed and laughed.  So the humor is appropriate for at least one child.

You can find the Dragonstairs Press website here.

And while I'm away . . .

I'm on the road again!  But I'll be back in time for my Saturday appearance at The Spiral Bookcase, 110 Cotton Street, Philadelphia, just off of Main Street in Manayunk.  Three to five p.m.  It ought to be great fun.

So if you have the opportunity to miss it . . . by all means don't.

Above:  A sample page from Sam the Asteroid.  Pretty cool, eh?



JJM said...

Excellent! I've already placed my order. :)

skyknyt said...

Are these chapbooks signed like the ones from events?

Michael Swanwick said...

Yes, signed and numbered.

I'm pretty sure the "Midwinter's Tale" chapbooks are numbered too, but I'll look at them when I get home late tomorrow and tell you then.

Luke said...

Not related to the post but:
recently purchased your "Best of" collection in electronic format (vastly prefer books, but it was very expensive used and only $5.99 electronically).

There's a scene in "The Feast of St. Janis" where Wolf walks into a room filled with books and is thrown for a loop--wants to stop and examine these "remnants of a time and culture fast sinking into obscurity and myth." Reading this on a Kindle made for some momentary surrealism.

I'm very much enjoying the stories, though. Thanks for putting out such consistently great work over the years. (And that's cool you grew up in Winooski--I grew up in St. Albans.)

Erin English said...

And hey, if you guys ever need some other art, I am totally up for it!

Michael Swanwick said...

I check with Marianne and the "Midwinter's Tale" chapbooks are both signed and numbered. As of last night, there were two copies still available for sale.

Luke, it's interesting how publishers have adapted to the new popularity of ebooks by routinely including e-versions of their books in the basic contract. And very convenient for me because it frees up more time for writing.

Erin, I shall pass that information on to the Publisher.