Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Rare Saturday Post


Snow day!  Marianne snapped the above shot of our small back garden this morning.  I'm posting it here to remind everybody that just as in the midst of life we are in death, so too in the midst of winter are springtime and summer immanent.

That last word is not a typo, alas.



HANNAH'S DAD said...

Amazing the associations words can have - one glance at 'immanent' and I'm back in 'A Wizard of Earthsea', reading of the Immanent Grove.

Where I'm sitting it's 31 degrees C (88 F) and very sunny. I've just been on an emergency run to buy cold beer.

I feel the winter though, in a mildly SAD way. I wrote this a while ago to help myself through the heart of winter and convince myself that Spring would come:

(requires Flash and a temperament which likes gadgets)

Joe Stillman said...

Hannah's Dad, that chart confused me for a second. It defaults to the Southern Hemisphere. Here at 40°N, we're on the upswing, thankfully. This is yesterday's view of my deck. It shows the immanation of snow making a snowdrift imminent and the table immanent.

HANNAH'S DAD said...

Joe -

yeah, it's the most egocentric program on earth. Not only does it default to my home city (Melbourne), but the preset locations are the home cities of myself, my sister, a couple of friends, my English grandfather and my wifes Ukranian dad.

However, if you've got cookies turned on, it should remember where you clicked on the map, and go straight there next time.

I'm a bit jealous of your snow. I lived in Canada for a few years as a kid and miss it. The closest snow here is light, only in winter, and only on mountains a few hours drive away.