Friday, February 5, 2010

Old Man Winter


I'll be on the road for most of today, driving back to Philadelphia from Pittsburgh.  What makes it tricky is that Marianne and I can't start home until around about noon, which is when the snow is scheduled to start.  They're expecting a foot of snow in Philadelphia.  So I won't have the time to do any substantial blogging today.

 For which I apologize.  But you know what they say:  If you're going to blog, don't drive.  And vice versa.

 Above:  There he is, Old Man Winter himself, photographed in my back yard.



David Stone said...

Wow; I flew to DC from the West coast over the weekend, and arrived in Philadelphia to find my flight to DC was canceled due to snow. So I just went straight to the Philadelphia train station and hopped on a three-hour train to DC. Got there earlier than if my flight had not been canceled. :)

The worst part was getting to the train station in Philly, since I had to take a packed shuttle bus through a traffic jam. The views on the ride from the airport to the train station looked like something from Blade Runner, though, big industrial area with huge refinery (?) smokestacks or something with burnoff flames at the top. Amtrak was great though, very comfortable

Why do they even have a Philly-DC flight? Seems kind of pointless and wasteful. By the time you navigate the airport, board the plane, fly to DC, get off, navigate through the other airport, you could probably have already arrived by train.

Michael Swanwick said...

You're not only preaching to the choir, David, you're preaching to another preacher. Trains rule.

If you make that particular trip often, it might help to know that there's a regular train that goes from the airport to 30th Street Station.

Oh, and what you saw was the Point Breeze refinery. Terrifyingly ugly the first time you see it, but it grows on you.

David Stone said...

It would have been nice, but I was told it does not run on the weekend. Even with the van, though, it really is convenient to reach the city from the airport. Any place else and I would have likely had to pay $40 or so just to reach the city which is what the Amtrak ticket to DC cost.