Friday, July 17, 2009



Just how manly do you have to be to see a hat this silly, put it on, and pose for the camera? And how manly do you have to be to take off the hat and then, when the person with the camera says, "I flubbed the shot," put it back on again?

As manly as Allen Steele, that's how manly.

Pictured above: Allen at Readercon, setting the standard for manliness that the rest of us can only strive to live up to.



David Stone said...

It's an age thing. When a man reaches a certain age, he has nothing left to prove about his "manliness" because the stakes are no longer all that high. Working hypothesis.

Michael Swanwick said...

It sounds good. But I knew Allen when he was considerably younger than he is now, and he was fearless back then too.

(Of course, he was already deeply embedded in a marriage that looks like it will last forever. Which may simply feed into your hypothesis.

So maybe yes, maybe no.