Monday, July 27, 2009

Dragon Crush!


Dragon Crush has just posted an interview with yours truly, titled Michael Swanwick…The Man, The Myth, The Dragons.

And what, you ask, is Dragon Crush? It's a free online dating service for fantasy fans. It's brand new. And for some reason they thought an interview with me would help matters.

Well . . . maybe it will. If you go to the main page and look down at the bottom, there's an odd, smirky photo of me which I blush to admit is perfectly accurate. Yep, that's what I look like. So I figure there's got to be any number of guys who are feeling a little insecure who will look at that and say, "Hey, if a guy who looks like that can find true love, anybody can!" and give the thing a whack.

Of course, those who take a chance may well end up lucky -- with somebody who looks like Catherine Asaro, for example. Shown above in a blurry snapshot taken at last Friday's Philly Fantastic meeting at Moonstone Arts Center in Philadelphia, where she did a reading and then gave a short concert of her own songs, written for her most recent novel. Catherine's also a really-o, truly-o physicist. You have no idea how much of an underachiever she makes me feel.



David Stone said...

It's so much easier to grow up a nerd these days. I should have been born 20 years later.

Michael Swanwick said...

Then you'd probably get a kick out of the "Geeks in Love" video.