Friday, July 24, 2009

And Today I Am . . . a GENIUS!


I got an email from Kyle Cassidy the other day, saying:

When was the last time you were called a genius in WIRED magazine?

Unless it happened again after page 45 of this month's issue, it would be"page 45 of this month's issue".
He was referring to the item in this month's issue shown above, number ten in their "what's wired" playlist. Which reads in its entirety:
While visiting Michael Swanwick's home, photographer Kyle Cassidy charmed his way into taking a peek at the sci-fi author's workplace. Cassidy ways he felt as if he'd "cracked open Swanwick's skull and seen inside his genius." Thus began a project: snapping photos at the lairs of award-winning writers like Joe Haldeman, Gregory Frost, Piers Anthony, and Neil Gaiman (above). It's Cribs for the literary set.
And I, of course, immediately wrote back to Kyle, saying:

Wait, wait. You do all the work, and I get the praise? Maybe I am a genius after all!
Kyle, of course, is not only a photographer but also a writer. Which makes him that rarity of rarities, a super-genius, and thus entitled to employ the suffix 124c41+.


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