Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Human Genre Project

So the human genome has been mapped. Cool. Just how much do you know about it? Practically nothing, right? Well Ken MacLeod is taking care of that. Ken is currently writer-in residence at the The Economic and Social Research Council Genomics Policy and Research Forum, but is best known to you and me as one top-notch science fiction writer. He was looking at the Human Genome Landmarks poster (described by The Scientist as "a graphical depiction of selected genes, traits, and disorders associated with each of the 24 different human chromosomes") and happened to think of my own Periodic Table of Science Fiction. Why not, he thought, do the same?

Hence the Human Genre Project, to be found here. It is accreting poems, stories, and whimsies about all identified genes. You can read what's already been posted on site. Or you can write you own and submit it.

The Scientist has just posted an article about the project. You can read it here.


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