Wednesday, July 15, 2009

For Gonnabe Major Writers Someday Only!


Are you going to this year's Worldcon, Anticipation? And are you an aspirant writer? And, if so, would you like to workshop your fiction with big-name writers who really know their stuff?

If so, check out this email I just received from Gregory Frost:

The situation is as follows:

The Anticipation website is SNAFUed and they can't put up the writing workshop announcement. Just can't. Don't ask me why. Maybe they have radiation poisoning in Canada or something.

The point of this email beyond my own personal brand of snideness is to request that you link on your blog to the blog entry listed below so that we might use the power of the internet to spread the message far and wide, as you will have far more readers of your esteemed blog than either I or my friend Oz do. And time is short because (surprise) everything is behind schedule.

If this is your sort of thing, click here. I took a quick glimpse, and all I can say is: Twenty bucks, for Nancy Kress's input into your fiction? It's raining soup!



HANNAH'S DAD said...

+ Geoff Ryman!

Were I on the right continent, and had I a story to critique, I'd be excited.

Oz said...

Thank you. The workshop that would not fail is up and running. We received 60 requests for 50 slots. And, yes, three lucky people will be in a room with Nancy Kress. And three more with someone else and three more with someone else. For gonnabes it's gonnabe a great opportunity. Gonnabe ears should be stretched wide open. Gonnabe minds should contemplate the word "networking."