Monday, June 13, 2011

(Watch This Space!)

This is just a place-holder because I'm scheduled to go up on a Zeppelin flight today.  Originally, I was supposed to fly Saturday, but that was cancelled due to lightning storm cells.  Tomorrow the Eureka flies to Columbus, Ohio, so this is my only chance.

I may have said this before, but keep your fingers crossed for me.

If I do go up, I'll post pix and flix tomorrow.

And I saw a movie Sunday . . . 

I went to Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris yesterday.  The parts set in the present were just warmed-over Woody Allen.  But the scenes in 1920s Paris . . . oh, my.  The actors who played Scott and Zelda were wonderful.  Hemingway was a hoot.  The guy who played Picasso might just as well have been him.  And, best of all, Gertrude Stein (my hero!) was played as a straightforward, unpretentious American woman of genius.  Exactly the sort of person you wish would read your novel and advise you on it.

I saw the movie with Marianne and, immediately afterwards, told her, "I want every part of the fantasy except for the romantic interest.  Because I'm already married to you."  That's the kind of line you can only get away with if it's literally true.


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