Friday, June 3, 2011

Michael Dirda on Science Fiction


The good folks of Lore recorded Michael Dirda's quite splendid Nebula Awards speech and my brief but heartfelt introduction.  That's it above and I recommend Michael's speech entirely.

If you look up the video here, you'll note in the sidebar that they have also posted brief interviews with me and with Connie Willis, both taken at the Nebs. 

And I went to see Thor . . .

Don't ask why.  It was hot.  The theater was air-conditioned.  I am totally without pretension.  And from the very first spectacular display of CGI to the climactic CGI battle in the legendary Hall of CGI, it was CGI-tastic.

We'd better hope that CGI isn't a nonrenewable resource, though, because this movie burned through a lot of it.  At this rate, within twenty years we'll be reduced to making movies like Casablanca again.  In black and white.


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