Friday, June 10, 2011

Dreams and Dragonwort


Apparently I was writing nonsense verse in my sleep, because I woke up with the following stuck in my head and hastily jotted it down before it could evanesce.

A blow, a blow,
A low and bitter blow,
And even more so
And ever more sorry
That that kind of story
that calls the sun "daisy-doe."
A blow, a blow,
A blotch upon our glory,
Struck from our history,
A blow, don't you know?
A blow.

Or maybe it was part of the dream's libretto.  I'll never know.

And tomorrow . . .

Marianne and I go off on an adventure.  Unfortunately, weather is a factor so there's only a fifty-fifty chance it will come off.  But if it does I'll be blogging about it Monday.

Above:  Dragonwort in bloom.  Only two sprigs in our front garden have bloomed so far; last time it was all of them en masse.  I should probably learn more about the plant's life cycle.


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