Saturday, June 25, 2011

An Afterthought on Society's Child


I had so much trouble yesterday getting Blogger and my computer and the Intertubes all working together that I completely forgot to tell this story:

After the Janis Ian concert, as we were walking away, I asked my 28-year-old son Sean what he'd thought of "Society's Child."

He looked uncomfortable and said, "It was like a song from another planet.  I mean, it just doesn't seem possible anymore."

"Really?" I said.  "A song about a white girl whose parents won't let her date a young black man seems alien to you?"

"Well, it's just so . . . screwed up.  To somebody of my generation it doesn't seem possible that things could be like that."

"Let me ask you," I said, "does an ax handle mean anything to you?  Lester Maddox?  George Wallace?"

Sean just looped puzzled.

"Well, good," I said.  "That's good."

Above:  Remember the picture I took of my notebook with the Janis Ian concert pass?  I printed it out and glued taped it to the cover of the notebook.  How recursive can you get?  Then I took it to the Philadelphia Museum of Art last night for an Art After Five event and used it as a coaster for a moonflower -- sparkling wine, elderflower liqueur, and a lychee.  Who says the world isn't getting better?


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