Sunday, June 12, 2011

APPEARANCES -- Sunday Update

The NYRSF reading has come and gone and my scheduled Zeppelin ride on Saturday was canceled due to thunderstorms.  (One of the airshipmen did tell a story about two guys he knew who, in a hurry to get somewhere, flew into a storm cell and were flung up far above normal cruising altitude, above the storm.  Where the 'ship began to ice up.  Both men, he said, quite the business soon thereafter.)  But I've still got a shot that they'll reschedule the flight for tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Meanwhile, here's my current public appearances schedule.

July 15-17        Readercon
                        Burlington, MA

July 22             Philadelphia Fantastic (reading)
                        Moonstone Arts, Philadelphia

July 23-24     Confluence
                         Pittsburgh, PA

August 19-21   Renovation (Worldcon)
                         Reno, NV

Sept. 21            KGB Bar (reading)

And in 2012 . . .

Aug. 31- Sept. 2   Chicon 7


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