Tuesday, June 28, 2011



My pal Gregory Frost has just turned his first novel, Lyrec, into an e-book.  Greg is, of course, the brilliant fantasist who wrote Shadowbridge and Lord Tophet, the first two of what many of us hope fervently will be a long series set in one of the most imaginative worlds in the history of fantasy.

As for Lyrec itself, well . . . here's the blurb:

Lovelorn Lyrec and wise-cracking Borregad have been companions through world after world, adventure after adventure. They seek Lyrec’s lost lady, and vengeance for the obliteration of their homeworld. But the evil Miradomon is always one step ahead, leaving a dark trail of destruction behind him. In this incarnation, Lyrec is young, strong, handsome, skilled in the arts of war and song. Poor Borregad is stuck in the body of a cat. And Miradomon? 

You can download a free sample of the book at Book View Cafe,  Or just buy a copy for $4.95.  It's a terrific deal on a terrific book.

Click here now.

And . . .

I had more things to say but they'll have to wait until tomorrow.  Busy today.  Very very busy.



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Oh great, my "to read" list just got longer.