Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Slow Tuesday Morning -- Cool Tuesday Night


It's a slow Tuesday morning.  Even my hyperactive, superball-chasing Bengal cat, Miss Helen Hope Mrrrlees, is morphed out. 

But that's going to change!  This afternoon Marianne and I, along with Gregory Frost, motor up to the Big Apple where Greg and I are doing readings at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art at 7:00 tonight.  (Full details in yesterday's post.)

Marianne has given me a small number of Dragonstairs Press signed-and-numbered limited edition chapbooks to give away.  But because I only have a few, you have to ask for one.  I won't be announcing them publicly.

And because I was asked . . .

I received an email from Jeffrey Hamblin, who has read Dancing Wth Bears and wanted to know what other Darger & Surplus stories exist and where they can be found.

There are, so far, three Darger & Surplus stories:  "The Dog Said Bow-Wow," "The Little Cat Laughed to See Such Sport," and Girls and Boys Come Out and Play."  They are all in my Tachyon Publications collection The Dog Said Bow-Wow.  There were also four connected short-shorts published as "Smoke and Mirrors: Four Scenes from the Postutopian Future" in an anthology called Live Without A Net, edited by Lou Anders, which have not been collected.

And of course, there are more in the works.

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