Saturday, February 29, 2020

More Praise for the Novel No-One Is Raving About (But Everybody Should)


In the February 2020 issue of Locus, I somehow managed to miss the fact that Graham Sleight included The Iron Dragon's Mother in his list of "ten books of the year." So let me now note that happy fact.

Based entirely on those books on his list that I've read, I'm in extremely good company.

You can find Sleight's Year in Review here.

And I should explain . . .

The title of today's blog post is a paraphrase of something Jonathan Strahan wrote in that same issue of Locus:

The book of 2019 I loved most that no-one else seemed to be raving about (even though they should have been) was Michael Swanwick's The Iron Dragon's Mother. Ostensibly the third in a trilogy, in truth it's a standalone tale of a post-industrial fantasy which I loved very much and recommend.



HANNAH'S DAD said...

I followed the the link to the year in review only to discover there, mentioned parenthetically, that we lost Alasdair Gray late last year. Sad news to start the day with.

Michael Swanwick said...

It's sad news, but at least he led a long and productive life and lived to see himself revered as as a living national treasure in Scotland. That's probably the best way to look at it.