Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Pyramid of Krakow


The sixth Mongolian Wizard story is up now at This is a key story in the sequence not only because it introduces a character who I anticipate will play a significant role in Ritter's future, but because it spells out exactly what's at stake in the wizard war that is midway through engulfing all of Europa.

As with the five earlier stories, it has an illustration (above) by the quite wonderful Gregory Manchess. I ran into him at Sasquan, and he asked me whether a particular event would happen in a future story.

"Would you want to know if the answer was yes?" I asked, and he looked unhappy.

This is Rule Three of dealing with authors: Never ask a question whose answer you might not want to hear.

You can read "The Pyramid of Krakow" here.

And because I know you want to know...

Rule Two is: Never tell an author how much you hated their work.

Rule One is: Buy the author a drink. A martini, preferably -- gin of course, dry, straight up, with an olive. Boodles, if they have it.


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Aaron said...

Was Vance's Cugel an inspiration as one reviewer seemed to think? Also, did Vance influence your writing overall? Thanks in advance.