Monday, October 5, 2015

My Capclave Schedule -- Also A LOT Of Baking Soda


I'll be spending much of today shaking baking soda out of old copies of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. That's because Capclave is this weekend and one of its guests of honor is Gordon Van Gelder.

I see that I haven't done a very good job of explaining myself.

Okay, it goes like this: Last year I was contacted by a man who was downsizing his possessions and needed to find someone who could use a twenty-some year run of F&SF, starting from the first issue. Confident I could find somebody, I agreed to take them off his hands.  We're talking several boxes here. Only, when I got home I discovered that they were all mildewed. So I sprinkled them inside and out with baking powder, sealed them in plastic bags, and set them aside for a few months to cure.

Meanwhile, I determined that Gordon, who is not only the owner/publisher and for many years (before Charles Finlay took over) editor of F&SF, but a friend of long standing, had a use for extra copies of his magazine.  So I'll be hauling many, many copies south over the weekend.

Meanwhile, I'll be standing in the back yard, looking dustier and dustier.

And my schedule....

Here' are the panels I'll be on this weekend. I won't be at the con on Sunday because of multiple scheduling conflicts. If you have to miss a day of one of your favorite conventions, multiple scheduling conflicts is one of the better reasons.

Friday4 PM-4:50 PMAlternatives to the High Fantasy Epic
Friday9 PM-9:50 PMWorldbuilding Your Systems of Magic
Saturday2 PM-2:50 PMAlternate History – Why Are Some Periods More Favored?
Saturday4 PM-4:50 PMNon-Western Influences In Fantasy

And not that anybody's keeping track but...

Yesterday's photo for the Falling Leaves project was actually posted today. I had computer problems, now fixed. I don't anticipate any more glitches of this kind in the near-month to come.


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