Saturday, October 17, 2015

dream diary [October 15, 2015]

I dreamed of a college teacher, unhappy with his society, who discovered a way to phase from his world into a parallel society. As a necessary consequence, the process turned him into a woman. This angered her students and college administration, but she escaped before they could do anything about it.

The new society was better but far from perfect. For a time, the teacher was a local celebrity, a woman who was semi-tranparent and not entirely there. But as she solidified, they took her presence for granted.

In short order, the new woman learned the basics of dress and makeup. But she didn't know the nuances of being a woman in her new society, so she never fit in well.

Once, she had sex with another woman, but the experience made her feel uncomfortable with herself afterward. Another time, she got very drunk and had sex with a man.  That too was unsatisfactory. She was, she realized, neither straight nor gay, but an ungendered woman.

Sometimes, she masturbated, weeping for loneliness.

Finally, she decided to move on to the next society. She confided to a male colleague that she had an intuition the next society would be far better than this one."

"Woman's intuition?" he asked, amused.

"No," she said. "Just intuition."



Michael Swanwick said...

I'm glad the sold all of them!

Sandy said...

Michael, I just had a flash that PHOENIX would make a delightful animated film! What kind of comments have you been getting from readers so far?