Sunday, May 12, 2013

Today In . . . HISTORY!!!


It was this date, May 12, in the year 403284163 B.C.E., that the first fish left the water, seeking a better life for her spawn on land.  That fish is ancestral to all terrestrial chordates, including mammals, anthropoids, and human beings.  She was the ultimate mother of our species.

It is for this reason that we annually honor that brave and hopeful fish -- whose name is lost in the mists of time -- on the Sunday we call Mother's Day.


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JJM said...

Somewhere out there, Michael, there is the ghost of a sweet little prokaryote who was the first living organism on earth, and is now weeping silently because she was the ultimate ancestor of that first fish -- and thus our ur-mother. Also our ur-father, but (s)he gets ignored on Father's Day, as well ... and, hence, lonely and forgotten, she weeps.--Mario R. (trying to keep a straight face)