Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Voice -- Or Yours! -- In The Philadelphia Skies


Some years back, returning from a trip, I found myself driving down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia at one in the morning.  It was foggy and there was almost no traffic.  But in the sky was a  lattice of crisp lines drawn by a series of lasers for an art installation I hadn't heard about.

My God, but it was beautiful.

I expect something similar -- but far more kinetic -- from Rafael Lozano-Hemmer's installation Open Air, which will be playing on the Parkway every night from eight to eleven p.m., starting September 20 and ending October 17.

Voice clips are currently being solicited from the public.  The most popular of these will be analyzed by a computer program and then rendered in motion and pattern by 24 of the most powerful searchlights on the planet.  Thus creating "a meshed canopy of light" in the sky.

If that's not cool, what is?

Instructions for how you can submit a voice clip can be found here.  Me, I've got to decide what I want to have written in the sky.


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