Monday, September 24, 2012

A New Halloween Story -- Starting Tomorrow!


Halloween is coming, and that’s the season for creepy stories!  So I’ve written a flash Halloween story for you.  It's called From Ghoulies and Ghosties, Long-Leggetie Beasties . . .

Where can you read this and when?  Right here, starting tomorrow.  I'm going to serialize the story one sentence at a time, every day for thirty-seven days.  Which, you'll note, means that it will conclude on the Feast of Children and Dark Imaginings itself.

The very next day, All Saints Day, with the story complete, I'll be auctioning off the original typescript (printed single-spaced on a single sheet of 7" X 5" paper, signed and framed), on eBay.  All proceeds will go to the Clarion West Writers Workshop, to help train the next generation of writers.

That's the frame up above, in my garden, containing all of the story that's public as of today.

The fun starts tomorrow.


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