Monday, February 20, 2012

For Those Who Believe in Livres Sans Frontieres . . .


My good pal, superstar editor Ellen Datlow, has taken in a dip in the e-book biz with Wild Justice, an anthology of stories of revenge and vengeance -- which is to say, the core stuff of fiction.  This is a book originally published in the UK as Lethal Kisses and never since published in the US or anywhere else.  

Now, either you know Ellen and are checking your bookshelves right now to see if you have this particular anthology or not, or you do not.  And if you do not, you should look into her work right now.  Because she's published a myriad volumes of fantasy, dark fantasy, and horror and mirabile dictu not a clunker in the batch.

For those in the second group, I can only say:

1) Your local library
2) Interlibrary loan
3) Your local bookstore
4) ABEbooks

Or, what the heck, just buy Wild Justice.  You can find it on Ash Tree here.  Or at Amazon  here.

Full disclosure:  The anthology contains "Ships," which I wrote with Jack Dann, a work so bleak that damned souls in Hell cry out in pain on reading it  Jack kept trying to throw in redemption, grace, the least shred (for God's sake!) of light or hope.  But "Fuck that noise!" I cried, and drove the mighty ship of our narrative straight into the abyss.

All this and many other stories nearly as brilliant for only nine dollars.  I am not making this up.  The cool people haven't read this sentence yet, because they're busily downloading the book.




David Scrimshaw said...

Mr. Swanwick, I don't think anyone but you can see the image on this post.

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Michael Swanwick said...

So far as I can tell, there are only two copies of this image anywhere on the Web. I've deleted the old one and substituted a new one. But that appears to be pretty much all I can do. My apologies for that.