Thursday, October 7, 2010

Storm King


On the road again!  Tonight I'm in Saugertes, which inevitably means that I stopped at Storm King along the way.  Storm King is located in Mountainville, New York, and is an outdoor museum of modern and postmodern sculpture.  If you ever have the chance to miss it, by all means don't.

My favorite sculpture is Andy Goldsworthy's Wall That Went for a Walk.  Sauntering from the information center, guided by their site map, you notice along one side of the path an old and fallen stone wall of the sort that is ubiquitous through that part of the country.  Then, slowly, it raises itself up and becomes a sturdy, five-foot-tall dry stone wall.  As it progresses, it begins to wander, curving gracefully one way and then the other.  Then it plunges downslope through the woods.  As it does, it begins curving back and forth, to one side of trees and then the other, more and more wildly, more and more tightly, like a boy running down the hill.

At the bottom of the hill, the wall plunges into the water of a pond and disappears.

At the far side of the pond, the wall reappears again and runs straight as a rule up a meadowed slope and then across the fields.

The speed of the thing is dizzying.

Above:  You can't see it, but at the very last bit of the wall before it disappeared underwater were two turtles, sunning themselves.


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Theophylact said...

The Noguchi hill sculpture is wonderful, too, and you can sit in it.