Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Stories


Sunday is Halloween -- my favorite holiday of the year, for all the obvious reasons and one you probably can't guess.  I'll tell you it on Monday.

In the meantime, this is the season for Halloween stories.  So I'll remind you that I have two appropriate works available on the Web.  The first is Hush and Hark! which can be found at the Drabblecast archives, beautifully read, immediately after a light news item.  Just click here.

The second is, of course, October Leaves, written word by word on autumn leaves, photographed, and posted onto Flickr.  You can find it here.   Click on the photo to go to slideshow.

And we have a winner . . .

The raffle for Fantastic Fiction at KGB, the monthly NYC reading series (and if you're the area, you should definitely check it out; it's one of the best) is over, and winner for the physical ownership of the manuscripts for three pieces of unpublished flash fiction written by me, as well as four years in which to publish them online, offline, in whatever form or forms suit him best is . . . Jacob Weisman, my friend and occasional publisher at Tachyon Publications.  Congratulations, Jacob!


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