Friday, October 8, 2010

Something I Will NEVER Have In My House


Greetings from Rhinebeck, New York!  Yes, Marianne and I are on the road yet again.  Our next-door neighbor Pat refers to us as "the gallivanters."

On the way here we stopped in at Opus 40 to enjoy October's bright blue weather and clamber all over that wonderful frog-nurturing and quarry-filling sculpture.  Before his premature death in 1976, accidentally crushed by a slab of stone, sculptor Harvey Fite created many stone statues, one enduring work of what would later come to be known as landscape art, and a number of minor whimsies.   Two of which are shown above.

I love those things!  But, as you've observed yourself if you've ever visited my house, there are no swan-shaped anythings  anywhere to be seen.  That's because with a name like mine, if you break discipline once, you'll put it into people's heads that you're a collector and you'll be given more and more swan-shaped trash until the house is entirely full and there's nothing to be done but to move to a foreign land and change your name.

Still.  Clever bit of found art, eh?



Stephen said...

If you're heading west at all, Ithaca, NY is having the fall edition of its biannual booksale starting tomorrow morning (Saturday, October 9), and over the next three weekends. (Info here: It claims to be the third biggest in the country, although based on what (and what we are behind in line) I don't know. It's worth checking out though.

If you do make it to Ithaca, drop me a line; I'd love to buy you lunch and show you around. (No earthly reason for you to remember, but we've met a few times at Readercon.) But even if you don't, do try to make the booksale if you're anywhere nearby.

Michael Swanwick said...

Thank you for that generous offer, Stephen. As it chances, I wasn't going anywhere near Ithaca. But my mother went to Cornell, so I really should go back that way someday.