Monday, November 28, 2022

Vacuum Flowers One-Day e-Book Sale!



My e-book publisher, Open Road Media, informs me that there will be a one-day e-book sale for my novel Vacuum Flowers. On November 30 (that's Wednesday), it will be available, in the US only, for $1.99.

 I know it seems like I post something like this, only for different books, rather a lot. But it seems to be Open Road's business plan. So if you like e-books and would like to read my novel... well, here's your chance.


And as long as I'm here . . .

I might as well tell you something about the ending of Vacuum Flowers. It ends with Rebel Elizabeth Mudlark, the protagonist, standing in the vacuum docks with her husband's coffin at her feet, waiting for transportation back to her home in the Oort Cloud. Her passage through the Solar System took her on a cometary orbit inward and then out, making various stops along the way. (This is a sub-genre of sf that was once called the Grand Tour.)  

Now, comets travel in one of two paths--either a hyperbolic orbit or a parabolic orbit. The hyperbolic orbit takes the comet in and then out, never to return. But the parabolic orbit is closed loop. Which means that sooner or later, the comet will return. All the time I was writing the novel, I was aware of both possibilities. In one possible ending she would return. In the other she would not. In one ending, her husband was alive. In the other, the coffin held a corpse.

I held both endings in my mind without choosing one up until I came to the very last page. Then I made my choice and the novel was finished.

Looking back, I am convinced I made the right choice.

But it was a close thing.


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