Thursday, November 10, 2022

My Philcon Schedule



 I've just received my tentative Philcon schedule. Since the convention begins in a week and a half, I'm pretty confident that this will also be my final schedule.  

Here it is:

Start Time      Duration       Room Name                                Title

Fri 7:30 PM    25 Min                204                      Readings: Michael Swanwick                       
Sat 1:00 PM    50 Min                217                      Autographs: Tom Purdom, Michael Swanwick         
Sat 2:00 PM    50 Min          Plaza 3                      We ARE Living in Philip K. Dick’s Future, Aren’t We?
Sat 4:00 PM    50 Min          Plaza 3                      The Excitement and Frustration of Exoplanets     
Sat 9:00 PM    50 Min          Plaza 3                      Women Speculative Fiction Authors Before 1970   

Sun 10:00 AM  50 Min        Crystal 2                    The Timey-Wimeyness of Time    




1 comment:

JJM said...

And on the fourth day the author rested ...?

Sounds like you'll be busy. And sounds like a great program. Hope you and your good wife have fun.