Sunday, July 17, 2022

Sunday Morning Transport FREE



Sunday Morning Transport, I am informed, is having a sale. Or, rather, something better than a sale because they're giving away a 60-day subscription to anyone who wants one.

So what is Sunday Morning Transport and how am I involved in it? Easy answer first: I was asked to submit a story of less than I forget how many thousand words, but it wasn't many. So I decided to see just how much classic adventure SF I could fit into that small space. Quite a bit, as it turned out. So they bought it and "The Warm Equations" will be made available on August 7.

Now for the tough question. Sunday Morning Transport is sort of a magazine--only not. It's more of a kind of streaming service. You subscribe to it and in return, every Sunday morning, you receive a science fiction story in your email. Editors Julian Yap and Fran Wilde put a lot of work into finding and editing a varied selection of science fictional experiences, and now you get to try the service out without risking a penny.

 You can get your free subscription here.


Here's a more detailed description:


Stories help us connect — with each other and with the future. They transform us. 

Subscribing to Sunday Morning Transport means bringing an outstanding speculative short story to your inbox every week, fifty weeks a year.

Sunday Morning Transport readers are authors, thinkers, scientists, artists, dreamers. With a single science fiction or fantasy short story each Sunday, we connect across space and time. We deliver, right to your inbox: a moment of whimsy; a deep dive into an unknown world; a single illuminating transformation; a vibrant community of readers and writers built around the best new speculative stories each week.

Free subscribers receive one story a month. Paid subscribers receive one story each week, fifty weeks a year.  For paid subscribers, there’s more: the opportunity to join in a conversation about story, to ask questions, and to help build a year’s worth of moments with authors including Max Gladstone, Karen Lord, Elwin Cotman, Kij Johnson, Kat Howard, Elsa Sjunnesson, Kathleen Jennings, Sarah Monette, Juan Martinez, E.C. Myers, Maureen McHugh, Tessa Gratton, Sarah Pinsker, Yoon Ha Lee, Michael Swanwick, Brian Slattery, Malka Older, and many more. 


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