Monday, June 21, 2021

Love Death + Robots--the Book!



Tim Miller, the co-creator of Love Death + Robots, has arranged a kind of gift for its fans: an anthology from Cohesion Pres of all the original stories (and for a couple of items screenplays) that the episodes of the first series were based on.

To be specific, that's:

Sonnie's Edge by Peter F. Hamilton

Three Robots by John Scalzi

The Witness by Alberto Mielgo

Suits by Steve Lewis

Sucker of Souls by Kristen Cross

When the Yogurt Took Over by John Scalzi  (who has blogged about how unlikely that was)

Beyond the Aquila Rift by Alastair Reynolds

Good Hunting by Ken Liu

The Dump by Joe R. Lansdale

Shape-Shifters by Marko Kloos

Helping Hand by Claudine Griggs

Fish Night by Joe R. Lansdale

Lucky Thirteen by Marko Kloos

Zima Blue by Alastair Reynolds

Blind Spot by Vitaliy Shushko

Ice Age by Michael Swanwick (that's me!)

Alternate Histories by John Scalzi

The Secret War by David W. Amendola

Which is, to state the obvious, one heck of a good anthology. With the added benefit that fans of the series can compare and contrast the original stories with the animations, to see how they differ and what went into the translation.Which is, speaking solely for myself, goood geeky fun.

Available in trade paperback. Wherever fine books are sold. I recommend your local independent bookstore. 





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