Monday, June 21, 2021

My Oddest Philadelphia Incident


Some time ago in The New York Review of Science Fiction, I created an occasional series of what I called Singular Interviews: a single question posed to a writer and their response to that question.

I got to learn the answers to a few thins I'd been wondering about and I liked how the interviews looked in print. It's a useful format and I've always thought that others could profitably employ it for their own purposes.

Well, now my friend Henry Wessells--author and bookman--has posed a singular question to me. As follows:

Henry Wessells: Michael, you are a resident of Philadelphia, a Philadelphian, even, of long standing (probably as long as I have been an ex-Philadelphian): what is the oddest thing (or incident) you have ever seen or witnessed in Billy Penn’s Town?

To learn my reply, you'll have to go to Henry's blog, The Endless Bookshelf.  You'll find my singular interview here. But I recommend just going to and poking around. 



David Scrimshaw said...

I had to use this link:

Kevin said...

Gardner's death still changed the course of Science Fiction. Dammit!

Michael Swanwick said...

Correction made. Thanks.

And Gardner's death certainly left a big hole here in Philadelphia.

Ken Houghton said...

Second link still broken. See the URL David Scrimshaw posted above.