Thursday, June 17, 2021

In Print Again, With "Huginn and Muninn--and What Came After"


 I'm in print again! This time with "Huginn and Muninn--and What Came After" in the current (July/August 2021) issue of Asimov's Science Fiction.

 "Huginn and Muninn--and What Came After" is a bleak and beautiful (if I succeeded in doing what I aimed after) look at suicide and despair. Which is why it comes with a warning to that effect right at the beginning. There are times in everyone's lives when they would not want to read it.

So why did I write it? What does it mean? I'm afraid I can't tell you, for the simple reason that I do not know.All I can tell you is that I came up with the opening literally decades ago. That I began writing it at least a year and maybe two years ago. And that it was a bear to write. With enormous effort, I managed to create a story I believe to be honest and true. Explaining it is above my pay grade.

Still, what joy to be in print again! Even if I can't explain why.


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bruce said...

Beautiful and bleak indeed. A wonderfully written story, Michael, thank you.