Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Philcon Schedule

Philcon is this weekend and I've got my marching orders!  Actually, pretty light this year. So if you see me, feel free to say hi. I'll most likely have the time to chat.

Fri 7:00 PM in Crystal Ballroom Three (1 hour)

[Panelists: Anna Kashina (mod), Alex Shvartsman, Anastasia
Klimchynskaya, Michael Swanwick]

The early Soviet era was a very positivistic, technologically- and
scientifically-minded society. How have the changing cultural
ideologies of the region impacted the kinds of science fiction its
writers have produced over the last eighty years? How has Russian
folklore influenced their stories and storytelling

Sat 11:00 AM in Plaza III (Three) (1 hour)

[Panelists: Larry Hodges (mod), David Sklar, John Monahan, Michael
D'Ambrosio, C. J. Cherryh, Michael Swanwick]

Our concepts of dinosaurs have evolved over the decades. Have the
science fictional depictions kept up with the science? Or has the
genre gone extinct

Sat 12:00 PM in Plaza III (Three) (1 hour)

[Panelists: Michael Swanwick (mod), Vikki Ciaffone, Mitchell Gordon,
Fran Wilde, Jack Hillman]

Or so British Author J.G. Ballard once claimed. What did he mean by
this remark? Should works like Crash and High Rise be considered
science fiction because of the approach to their storytelling, even
though they lack the typical hallmarks of the SF genre


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