Wednesday, January 8, 2014

And Even More Astonishingly . . .


As always, I'm on the road again.  But before I left this morning, an amazing package arrived in the mail.  It contained a pair of handsome Simon Pearse double helix champagne glasses, which an anonymous donor wished to be given to this year's winner of the Godless Atheist Christmas Card Competition.  For -- in the donor's words -- "effortlessness, wordlessness, and creative energies in displaying the void that is there, not there, and not not there."

I took the glasses into the back yard and took the above snapshot.  As you can see, these are really quite lovely champagne flutes.  And as soon as I get back home, they'll be repackaged and shipped to this year's winner -- my sister Mary.

Which means that for one brief, shining instant, the Godless Atheist Christmas Card Competition was not only one of the most prestigious competitions of its kind, but the only one to turn a profit for its winner.

This may well be a Christmas miracle.  Albeit a very odd one indeed.


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