Friday, April 6, 2012

"This Could Be Something If I Let It"


Last week, Marianne and I went to the Whitney Biennial, as is our custom once every other year.  It struck me that a lot of the art was about process rather than a finished product.  Case in point was what seemed to be the most popular piece, Dawn Kasper's installation, "This Could Be Something If I Let It."  Which consists of her art studio, inside which she lives and works for all the hours the Whitney is open.

When I drifted by, Ms Kasper was getting her hair cut and chatting with museum-goers.  "Where are you from?  Oh, I have a cousin who lives near there," sort of thing.  There was a bit of a crowd, and they were all clearly enthralled.

Afterward, Marianne said, "It's a magician's lair.  I'd be a lot more impressed if I didn't already live in one."


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DGGrace said...

So, hoarding makes you an artist? O wait. Now I see it. IRONIC hoarding makes you an artist.