Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why I Go to Cons


This is why I go to so many conventions -- so Geoff Ryman can look down at me with aloof skepticism.

No, seriously.  Having intense conversations with brilliant writers (some of which involve the words, "Swanwick, you are so full of it!")  is one of the great rewards of the scribbling life.  And Geoff is definitely brilliant.  Have you read Air?  Or The Child Garden?  Or The Unconquered Country?  If not, then I strongly recommend that you do.  You'll be grateful to me forever.

Photo Credit:  Ellen Datlow.  Used with her kind permission.  Over the years, Ellen's compiled an enormous number of photographs of the doers and makers of science fiction of our times.  When we're all long gone, she'll be remembered chiefly as an editor.  But she'll have a secondary fame for these shots.


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