Friday, July 15, 2011

The Living Vegetative Dead


Long-time readers of this blog will be completely gobsmacked to learn that I'm on the road again.  This time I'm off to Burlington, Massachusetts for a convention.  If you're going to be there, you already know which one.

But if you don't know, that means you won't be there, so it'll do you no good to learn that I'll be handing out the last of a set of four signed-and-numbered limited edition chapbooks chronicling the Swiss adventures of Darger & Surplus, The Nature of Mirrors.  This being a reader-y kind of a con, I suspect they'll go fast.

And it's a good thing I'll be out of town, too, because . . .

It appears that Philadelphia has been overrun by zombie topiary animals!  The above lion being a perfect example.  Even impaling them seems to have no effect.

Really, this whole mash-up thing has gone too far.


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