Monday, July 18, 2011

Do Not Ask Questions of the Man Behind the Curtain


I interviewed Readercon guest of honor Gardner Dozois on Saturday and, fortunately for me, Scott Edelman was in the audience recording the whole thing on his camera.  The video (above) looks like it starts in the middle of things, but the goofing around was actual just Gardner goofing around before the interview begins.  The interview proper begins at 4:55 in.

It went pretty well.  Interviews with Gardner always do. You just ask him a question and let him fly.

And the rest of the con was fun too . . .

I got to hang out some with Eileen Gunn and Ellen Klages and John Clute and . . . well, there were a lot of interesting people there.  So many that I hardly exchanged a dozen words with my pal Greer Gilman, so maybe there should have been a couple fewer.  Billee Stallings, who (along with her sister Jo-an Evans) wrote a memoir of her father, science fiction pioneer Murray Leinster, which should be published this week, did a presentation to a packed room and wowed 'em all. 

So it was a good weekend.  And a long weekend.  And I'm exhausted.  And now I'm going to lie down on the couch with a damp cloth over my eyes and wait for the swelling in my ego to go down.

Above:  Thanks, Scott!  I appreciate this.


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