Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Literalization of Hieronymus Bosh (Part II)


Here's a question any number of people have asked:  How much is one of those bottled stories actually worth?

On a literal level, of course, they're priceless.  I never sell them, only give them away -- to particular friends on special occasions, and to worthy charities.  But of course in this world everything has a price, and that price is often determinable.

The most recent unique-story-in-a-bottle was put up at auction this past weekend at ConQuest to benefit AboutSF, which is (I cut-and-paste here) "a resource center for speculative literature, science fiction, and education that also coordinates volunteer efforts throughout the speculative fiction field."  A laudable purpose and one to be encouraged.

After what was apparently heated bidding, the bottle went for $350.  Which helped the convention raise over $2,600 for the cause.  Pretty darned good for a con with slightly fewer than 600 people attending.

And I'm still on the road . . .

This post was canned just before I left yesterday.  But I'll be home soon.

Above:  Once again, the noble Shadowfax defending his dragon-hoard.  Shadow hasn't been feeling well lately.  We'll see what the vet says.



Nick Kessler said...

I always thought this was a great idea--very D.I.Y., but very inventive and classy. On a somewhat unrelated note, when is your next novel going to hit the stores?


Matthew Brandi said...

On the old "when is it not Champagne" tack: I found out today that one cannot even compare one's made-like-Champagne-but-not-in-Champagne wine with Champagne in advertisements, at least not here in the UK (due to EU rules).

Now that is definitely crazy.

Michael Swanwick said...

The novel is currently in the hands of my agent, who will determine who makes the best offer for it. So . . . given the realities of how long it takes for a book to make its way through the editorial python . . . sometime next year.

Louis Bouillot, incidentally, makes a variety of sparkling wines, all of them delicious, all very reasonably priced, and all of them comparable to the High Priced Spread.

Bruce said...

Here's to Shadowfax feeling chipper...