Tuesday, June 15, 2010



Okay, not Garbo.  Just me.  But a podcast interview with me has been posted on The Agony Column.  And it seems like this is an appropriate place to mention it.

"Tolkien rang me like a bell," I say.  And "It was as if God had played a practical joke on me."  And "It's our job to take this inherited wealth [of ideas] and add to it, rather than to sit here clipping idea coupons and living off the interest of our betters."  And "When I came into the field in 1980, almost every important science fiction writer who had ever lived was still alive."  And many other witty and interesting things which, having skimmed through part of the interview to find the above, I don't need to find and copy down.

"What a clever-boots you are," Marianne would remark.  Gently keeping my ego under control being one of her regular kindnesses in our marriage.

You can find the interview here.


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Frederick Paul Kiesche III said...

Just heard the podcast today (I listen to so many different podcasts that I am always catching up late!). Excellent stuff, especially the British vs. US fantasy (and "commercial fantasy) discussions.