Monday, June 7, 2010

Bike Race Party


Ah, 1925!  That was the year that Marianne and I held the first Bike Race Party in our home in Roxborough.  If memory serves me correctly, mastodons still roamed the earth and saber-tooth tigers were a big problem in Indiana that year.  We were particularly prescient in naming our party considering that the big bicycle races through Philadelphia and up the Manayunk Wall were over fifty years in our future.

But that's the science fiction business.  Always looking ahead.

We had an extremely pleasant time yesterday with our friends lazing about in the back yard in the shade of the traditional Tokyo men's suits awning, eating barbecue and drinking soda, beer, wine, whatever.  That pleasant lack of ambition that a good summer party engenders lasted through the day and late into the day following.  It was, in fact, only a few minutes ago that I remembered that I still had to blog.

May your summer be equally unambitious!



David Stone said...

You even write fiction on cakes... now that's dedication to your craft!

Unknown said...

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