Friday, May 22, 2009

The Death of Culture on a Lazy Friday Morning

It's a lazy Friday morning and I'm finally back home after a week on the road, so I'm feeling singularly unambitious. Plus, I used up the only piece of news I had by posting it yesterday. So today's post is going to be a simple demonstration in two parts that our culture is now finally and officially dead.

Exhibit A is a gallery demonstrating contemporary taste in unicorn tattoos. Click here to see it.

Exhibit B (and it is unanswerable) is the crime against culture below. Literary discretion is advised.



JJM said...

Happy birthday, Arthur Conan Doyle. Allow me to give you a present -- previews for the newest Sherlock Holmes film. Hope you like them. ;)

As for the unicorn tattoos ... no, never mind, words fail.

David Stone said...

The new Sherlock Holmes film looks like it will be just about the worst corruption of beloved, classic source material since that horrible Robin Hood film in the early 90s. And even then they didn't find it necessary make Robin into a kung-fu master.

Michael Swanwick said...

I suppose we should be grateful there have been so many intelligent takes on Sherlock Holmes that something like this sticks out.

Interestingly enough, the martial arts huggermugger is, as the Sherlockians would put it, Canonical. I refer you to Fascinating stuff, which nevertheless does not make the movie forgivable.

ajsjimmy said...

Cheer up, Murray.

David Stone said...

Cool, I remember Watson in A Study In Scarlett described Holmes as being excellent at boxing, fencing and single stick, but I didn't realize he actually knew Bartitsu or baritsu, though, that's pretty funny. Still, whirling two billy clubs around like Bruce Lee is a bit much. Sacha Baron Cohen is filming a Sherlock Holmes film as well, but it is supposed to be a comedy. I guess that's less offensive than a rejected Bad Boyz III script though.

HANNAH'S DAD said...

Thank you so much for those unicorn tattoos. I'm having a hard time working out whether to get the blue unicorn with the ruby in its head dressed as the grim reaper and playing electric guitar or the multicoloured swastika and rainbow wearing white power tattoo.

Both are exceptionally classy in their own ways.

But as for the death of culture - the first novelisation of the Doom videogame appeared in 1995, at which point the world ended.

Everything since that point has just been sizzling afterglow.