Thursday, January 31, 2008

Yet Another Rave Review

Technically speaking, I’m supposed to be flogging The Dragons of Babel here. But my latest collection, The Dog Said Bow-Wow (available for a shockingly low price from Tachyon Publications, as well as better bookstores everywhere) just received a glowing review in online literary zine Rain Taxi. Modesty prevents me from quoting exactly what Kristin Livdahl said about “one of the best short story writers in speculation fiction,” but you can read the review itself here.

Or, better yet, just check out the entire zine.



Pat J said...

I thoroughly enjoyed The Dog Said Bow-Wow. Are there more Darger and Surplus stories on the way? (Please say yes.)

Michael Swanwick said...


But you probably want more details than that, don't you?

I've got a couple partially written on my hard drive, waiting for the right ideas to further them. (At any given time, I'm working on something like forty different stories, so it's hard to say exactly when any one of them will get finished.) AND I'm working on a Darger and Surplus novel. I've always thought that if ever they actually reached Moscow, they'd need a whole novel to cover what happens there -- and against all expectations, they've reached Moscow.

I should be done the novel in about a year, fingers crossed.

Pat J said...

Well. I must say that's the news I was hoping to hear.

I'll just sit here cackling with glee for another few minutes, thinking about a Darger and Surplus novel. Thanks for makin' my day.