Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Reading Today!

Just a reminder . . . I'll be appearing today (January 8) at the South Street Seaport Museum (Melville Gallery, 213 Water St) in New York City, for the New York Review of Science Fiction reading series, along with my good pal and fellow Philadelphia, Judith Berman.

Here's a small promotional tip for any writers reading this: I always read from a printout, because it's easier to handle than a book. When I'm done reading, I sign and date the printout, put it back in its folder and leave it behind for whoever wants to take it. It costs me nothing, and it's a pleasant little item for those who like such things. And -- who knows? -- it might be worth something, a few years down the line.

I used to hand the typescript to whoever wanted it, but when two people stuck their hands up simultaneously, that puts you in the awkward position of turning one down for reasons they can only guess at. So now I just lay it down, make the announcement, and walk away. Luckily, I am not yet so famous that people will do each other an injury to nab it. Stephen King doesn't have this luxury.

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Stephen said...

Since reviews of it are probably going to be few and far between, I thought I'd mention for anyone interested that I just reviewed Michael Swanwick's other new book of the season, What Can Be Saved From the Wreckage? over at my blog. Anyone who's interested can read it here. Thanks!