Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Vacuum Flowers EBook Salw TODAY ONLY!!!


Open Road Media, my very active ebook publisher, is having a one-day sale of Vacuum Flowers. TODAY ONLY (that's  Thursday, July 9) it goes on sale for $1.99. So if you've always been curious and like to read ebooks, this is your chance. Vacuum Flowers is loads of fun and ever so well written.

And that's as close to a hard sell as I'll ever get.

And here's the boilerplate:

ISBN13 Title Author Promo Type Country Start Date End Date Promo Price
9781504036504 Vacuum Flowers Swanwick, Michael ORM - Early Bird Books NL US 2020-07-09 2020-07-09 $1.99
9781504036504 Vacuum Flowers Swanwick, Michael ORM - Early Bird Books NL CA 2020-07-09 2020-07-09 $1.99

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Chris Heinz said...

My fav of your books. If it comes out on Kobo (my local bookstore receives 40% of all my purchases), I will definitely pick up a copy for a reread.
10 years before that, I recently picked up "Stand on Zanzibar", "The Sheep Look Up", and "Shockwave Rider", by John Brunner. Not sure when I'll get to them for a reread.
Usually ~70 books on my Kobo eReader Unread collection. Plus dozens of more hardcopies on my bookshelfs :-<
After determining it was the source of "Evolution in Action", I reread "Oath of Fealty", Niven & Pournelle, 1981. Ugh, totally fucking fascist, right-wing BS. I thought Pournelle was a libertarian - bad enough - no, he was a fucking paleoconservative.

Michael Swanwick said...

I'm a big fan of those Bruner books--and of Jagged Orbit as well. Hard to say which is the est, but Stand on Zanzibar is my favorite.