Monday, June 15, 2020

Gulliver's Wife... from Dragonstairs!


If there's a silver lining to this coronacloud, it's  that the self-enforced lockdown has led Marianne Porter to work on some interesting publications for Dragonstairs Press.

Case in point: Gulliver's Wife. This is a story I wrote in nine single-page chapters, based on illustrations by W. T. Horton. For it, Marianne has created a hand-sewn, signed, limited edition of 50, most of which will be available for purchase. From her press release:

When Gulliver was lost at sea, his wife did not stay at home, wringing her hands, but went out in search of him. Her voyage to the Moon and back and what she learned in the process are recounted in nine swift chapters, inspired by the Golden Dawn visionary artist, W. H. Horton. 
 Gulliver's Wife will be available for sale at, on Tuesday June 16, 2020 starting at noon, Eastern DST. 

The chapbook will cost, if I recall correctly, $13 domestic and $15 out of country.

Marianne does not take advance orders.

And if this is your sort of thing . . .

You might want to set your phone alarm for noon, if you hope to buy a copy of Gulliver's Wife. The last time Marianne offered a chapbook in an edition of 50 for sale, it sold out in 16 minutes.

She hates it when I tell her I expect this one to sell out even faster. But I do.


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