Monday, June 8, 2020

Gene Wolfe and Me

.ReReading Wolfe

I was interviewed recently for the ReReading Wolfe podcast on the subject, obviously enough, of Gene Wolfe. I cannot claim to have been a close friend of Gene's but I am proud of the fact that I was a friend. I first met him in the 1970s, corresponded with him off and on, and I've read pretty much all of his work. So I have opinions about him and, without falling over into the sin of idolatry, they're pretty much all admiring.

James Wynn and Craig Brewer did a great job with the interview. The questions were all spot-on. The answers were... well, I don't listen to my own interviews, so I don't know. Marianne tells me I did fine.

I do remember that I talked about Gene Wolfe's one big contribution to my novel Stations of the Tide, and that I told the story of the time when Carol Emshwiller told me she was in mourning because she'd just finished a novel and all the characters in it, with whom she'd lived so long, were gone. At a very minimum, that one is worth hearing.

You can hear the podcast here. Or go to the podcast site and poke around.


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Stephen said...

I'm behind (no commuting due to coronavirus!), but if you haven't sampled the other eps, they're worth a try. Fabulous, in-depth examinations of every chapter of BotNS, with full range for spoilers, so that every theory can be discussed without the artificial muzzle of 'we haven't gotten to that yet'. Crazy theories neither dismissed nor swallowed. Anyone who liked BotNS enough to read it twice will love this podcast, I think.